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Know Thyself Free tests to help you learn something about yourself

Myers-Briggs Type tests

Online Myers-Briggs Type Test - Instant results and free.  Called Jung Typology Test.

Personality Types Profiles  More descriptive info. Pretty much nailed me!

Good practical basics on MBTI

Serenity Prayer for each Myers-Briggs Type Very funny if you are an MBTI fan

IQ Tests- Get a standard IQ score 

EMode's IQ test               test

Majon's tests - hard! 

Download IQ test

Uncommonly Difficult IQ tests - Not for the faint of heart

Links Pages- Lots more great tests 

EMode - full of fun tests.  Their tagline, "The #1 destination for self-discovery", says it all. 

IQ, Personality and Entrepreneurial Skills tests Very comprehensive

HotRod Your Head!  Includes some Mensa tests

Personality Online   Lots of tests 



Other tests

One Question style test   Don't skip this!

VALS-interactive Check out your consumer profile

Color personality test Download

Left-brain/right-brain test Download

Kingdomality - Vocational Style Test with a Medieval spin

Beliefnet  Thought-provoking quizzes about your spirituality

What kind of dog are you  EMode favorite (I'm a pug) 

What's your lucky color?  Theme song?  Emotional Age?  These and many more in EMode's "Most Popular"

Test yourself for personality disorders 

Rate Your Risk:  Will you be the victim of a crime? 

What social class are you?  Fun and funny quiz from PBS

How long will you live?  An insurance company's quiz 

Workday challenge Quick download.  Try it when need a break

Are you a professional?